Rexfords Retribution

Missed out on the first instalment of Rexfords Kitchen Takeover & Social?  Check out the photos here.

Having to create brand new dishes, comfort food with a unique twist, Kevin Le successfully put Rexfords out there that night.  A learning experience, and with that he came back with a second event.  Better executed, even better dishes and a burning fire that’s unstoppable.  There’s not much to be said about his second event but his Retribution was accomplished.

Honourable guests that I could recognize, Lina Dinh – Fashion Blogger Extraordinaire & Hubert L – Food Blogger.

I tried my hand out with Videography and tried to capture the essence of Rexfords in his environment. Hope y’all like it, catch you at the next event this Saturday June 6th 2015 so make sure you grab tickets!

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