11 hours of road tripping to Sterling, Virginia, then another 4 hours to Atlantic City, New Jersey for an engagement session with my super awesome aKDPhi little sister HQ and the love of her life Duc. I got to say, after 7 years of not seeing each other – it seems like we were never apart.  Maybe my little sis is that awesome afterall.  They were a fun awkward-turtle couple, never had a photoshoot before either!  She told me I got some serious work on my hands.  I laughed and just told them to go play.  I love capturing their silliness and animated expressions.  I’ll let you decide if they did just that through the photos.

Every couple will be different but the synergy and connection the photographer has with that couple, will determine a successful shoot.  I will be back to shoot their wedding in October!

Shout outs to Victor for being my road trip partner and second shooter – thanks for keeping me on the edge of my seat with your driving.  A special thank you to Kimmie for being the best support/hairstylist/wardrobe/makeup/bagcarrier/photography director/ and all around perfect maid of honour for HQ.