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FOOD Tasting Event: HOPO ~ Fusion Style Hotpot

My first time to a “Blogger’s Food Tasting Event” on behalf of Mary’s Happy Belly was so awesome!   I really didn’t know what to expect at a Food Tasting event, so I just packed up my DSLR and headed to Warden/Steeles.  With an empty stomach, I wondered what HOPO was – the more I thought about HOPO, the […]


Rexfords Kitchen Takeover & Social II: Retribution

Missed out on the first instalment of Rexfords Kitchen Takeover & Social?  Check out the photos here. Having to create brand new dishes, comfort food with a unique twist, Kevin Le successfully put Rexfords out there that night.  A learning experience, and with that he came back with a second event.  Better executed, even better […]

Mass Exodus 2015

Ryerson’s Fashion Show – Mass Exodus 2015 was a huge success this year.  The Runway Lineup was curated by Canadian Fashion Icon Jeanne Beker.  The models were trained by Canada’s Next Top Model runway coach Stacey McKenzie.  I had the opportunity to be roaming in the Media Pit as well as on the VIP floor of […]

UTM – Undergraduate Economics Council Conference 2015

I was invited to the UEC Conference 2015 on the Oil Crisis at the University of Toronto Mississauga to be their Event Photographer.  I was truly impressed, not only did the UEC organized and executed an amazing conference, but they also provide values and solutions to the Global Oil Crisis. I was present on site […]

A Science Affair Gala by Pueblo Science.

I had the honour of being the Event Photographer for Pueblo Science‘s A Science Affair Gala.  I had no idea or any knowledge of what a Gastronomy Event was going to be like and I was amazed.  I also had the opportunity to learn about Pueblo Science and their mission to advance science education in […]


Rexfords Kitchen Takeover & Social

Ever wonder how famous Chefs become famous?  Ever wonder about the journey they undergo?  Ever wonder about the food they cook before their Michelin Star dishes?  Well, you’re in luck!  In Toronto right now there’s an inspiring Chef that’s breaking some ground rules of learning to cook the “traditional” way.  He’s carving his own path […]