Deconstructed carrot cake with liquid nitrogen carrot ice cream

I had the honour of being the Event Photographer for Pueblo Science‘s A Science Affair Gala.  I had no idea or any knowledge of what a Gastronomy Event was going to be like and I was amazed.  I also had the opportunity to learn about Pueblo Science and their mission to advance science education in low-resource communities around the world.  They achieve this by developing hands-on science kits to engage children in science and by training.  Visit their website to learn more.

This event gathered University Professors, Scientists, and food enthusiasts from all across the city.  There were science experiments displayed for everyone to have their chance of being a scientist for the night which I thought was really cool.  But knowing me, the one area I could not get away from was the kitchen.  I could not stop watching Chef John Placko of Modern Culinary Academy work his magic.  Also present was Bar Chef Toronto mixing up cocktails you wont find at your local pub.

Here are some photos from the event.  Thank you for having me!



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